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          • Energy ablation
          • Biopsy Needle and Localization
          • Delicate Surgery
          • Surgical Robot
          Energy ablation
          Precise ablationSweet Care
          Biopsy Needle and Localization
          Elaborate ManufactureGood Quality
          Delicate Surgery
          Low-Temperature CuttingHigh-Level Caring
          Surgical Robot
          Guiding Star Leading Future
          Company Profile
          Zhejiang CuraWay Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative medical device company in the field of minimally invasive surgery integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The company was qualified "National High and New Technology Enterprise" (HNTE) status and includes six subsidiaries in China. Our business focuses on four major areas of minimally invasive oncology, peripheral vascular intervention, delicate surgery, intelligent medical technology. Through independent innovation of leading technology, we will develop high-quality medical device products and build a brand trusted by doctors and patients around the world. The company has excellent talents in various fields, adhere to scientific and technological innovation. Precision in Every Detail Caring for Your Life is our business philosophy. CuraWay pays great attention to the health and dignity of life during the course of development. We try to benefit patients from a less invasive and safer way, and make diagnosis and treatment more quality. CuraWay Medical Technology, a reliable company and trusted partner.
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